Antisemitism in Europe


No Tolerance for Intolerance


Mr still- minister-of-justice Maas who is so eager to find and expose "hate-crimes" on the internet obviously turns a more than deaf ear to the hatred towards the Jews and the threats committed by MUSLIMS.

This is a shame for Germany. Of course it also happens in lots of European countries and in muslim countries anyway. After Mr- stupid- Trump has again twittered his inconsiderate ideas to the whole world - twitter first, think later - he has fanned the flames of MUSLIM hatred against the Jewish people - worldwide.

However, it is especially bad for Germany because of its notorious history. Ms Merkel wanted to show a friendly Germany with her "Culture of indicriminate welcome" to the world when she allowed each and every muslim into the country in 2015. Mind! without any checks on who exactly those people who arrived in their hundreds of thousands were and why they came.

Now she should bear the responsibility for the consequences of her stupid welcoming of muslims who had been taught from childhood on to hate Jews. (see also article on schoolbooks in Saudi-Arabia). However, she does not. And neither do the ministers of the interior or the notorious minister of justice or the Bundespräsident. They just allow those hateful muslims to abuse Jews in the streets of Berlin. To shout in front of the Brandenburg Gate, next to the Holocaust Memorial: "Death to Jews", which in itself is an extremely severe crime in Germany. Nobody is allowed to shout anything like this in Germany. Nobody apart from Merkel's muslim selfie-partners. It seems that there are rules in Germany for everybody, especially the far right and there are rules for muslims, especially those young migrants who arrived and were given the status of asylants though most of them presented faked papers, names and identities.

Is this government really so extremely short-sighted and stupid that they do not see what they are doing? They are undermining the German "Rechtssaat" and they are undermining the social peace of the country. They are undermining everything the Bundesrepublik Deutschland has been standing for so far by tolerating this deadly and dangerous INTOLERANCE OF MUSLIMS.

To tolerate intolerance means to support intolerance, to support hatred, to support deadly danger for the Jews in this case.

Stop it Ms Merkel! People who shout "death to Jews" in Germany should be expulsed at once if they are foreigners, asylum seekers and should be put into prison at once if they are Germans. You cannot tolerate such behaviour! You cannot allow any such demonstrations, neither in Berlin, nor in other German cities, and apart from that, also other European leaders (Macron e.g.) have to react to such kind of hatred in other European countries as well.

13. Dec. 2017