What does the blown up balloon want?


Wat does he want?

To Be or Not to Be that is the question?

And this is meant in a literal sense

To blow up the whole world with atomic bombs or not? Only a few months and weeks ago, probably more or less everybody asked themselves this question: What is going to happen? Will Mr Trump, the nuttiest president the USA has had so far, and the North Korean fatty Balloon let the balloon go up and burst in the atmosphere showering the whole earth with their vicious radiation?

One was threatening the other with kill and overkill - there could not be enough threats.

And now - suddenly- peace wherever one looks. Mr Nutty still grumbles, though, that if there won't be any results, he will leave at once, however, Mr fatty Balloon reassures the world that his peace offers are meant sincerely and that he does not only make them because his testing sites have collapsed. Which they obviously have according to Chinese researchers. And they must know it because China's border is only a mere 100 km away from the Balloon's test sites.

If only there is hope for a peaceful future for the world's children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren! That's what matters. One still wonders, though. That it is tolerated by a world population of billions of people that a handful of really nutty ones are allowed to have so much power, that they are allowed to abuse power and billions of people for their own selfish, stupid idiocies without any serious consequences for themselves.

Really, there are those private projects of flying to Mars, never to return. Here our suggestion: Take ALL the nutty ones, put them into your rockets and spaceships and fly them to Mars. There they can live this experiment and be never, ever allowed to return to earth. A whole spaceship full of ISIs, Trumps, Balloons, Asads, Owners of Morality, self-appointed oil-princes and warlords of all colours, slaveholders and exploiters of children a.s.o, a.s.o. Wouldn't life down here on earth be idyllic without them?